ESSM is a nine month ministry school. 

ESSM exists to raise up revivalists who display the raw love and power of God, fueled by the Father’s heart. 

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Classes begin September 5, 2023 and end May 20, 2024.

Classes are held Monday Nights 6:30pm-9:30pm



ESSM is located at The Pathway Church in Spring, Texas.



Our school is multigenerational, open to students 18-80+.

What to Expect

ESSM challenges, inspires, equips, and empowers our students to be sons and daughters who live like Jesus. One of the unique expressions of ESSM is an undiluted encounter with the Father’s heart and experiencing life-giving community as you journey through the year.


The presence of God is our non-negotiable. We build our school around this one thing where worship, in all forms, is our daily honor and a passionate expression. 

Revivalist Lifestyle

Jesus came to invite us into abundant life, reconciled to the Father and empowered by the Spirit. Our goal is to help you grow into your identity as a revivalist, to love truth, be transformed by it, and live radically by it.

Academic Life

Our curriculum incorporates hands-on training and experiences alongside life changing teachings. We have a “teach and do” culture where students take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God.



Everyone is invited to pre-service prayer at 5:15PM. Class begins at 6:30PM with worship. We have no agenda in worship other than adoring Jesus and following His Spirit. We know and anticipate more can happen in one moment of God’s presence than years of study. Our desire is to be transformed by God’s presence.


Following worship, it’s common for students to share testimonies, participate in prophetic activations and hear announcements. Student feast on teaching by local and regional leaders as well as special guest speakers and online messages from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. Classes dive deep into the Word, and provide opportunities to  practice what is taught.


Our class ends with students breaking into their revival groups, a small group led by a Revival Group Pastor. These groups provide a smaller family setting to share life with on the journey. Revival groups allow students to take risk, discuss class content, and support each other in the journey.

In addition to Monday night class, our students also volunteer once a month in the local church or community to serve our region and release what they are learning in school. Students may serve in children’s ministry, youth, worship, set up/take down, A/V team, hospitality, parking crew, prison ministry, homeless ministry, and more. We also lead groups of students to serve as prayer and ministry teams at conferences and services in our region. We desire to not only teach and train the saints, but empower them to do the works of Jesus. A willingness to serve with humility is a core value of essm.

ESSM offers three years of revival training and teaching. Each year builds on the next, equipping and empowering students to find and flourish in their God-given assignments to bring heaven to earth.


Our first year program is a place where hungry lovers of Jesus get refined by learning the truth of who they are in Him. Revivalists will be encouraged and stretched to grow into the potential that Jesus paid for on the cross. ESSM is a safe place to be vulnerable with your heart, and by doing so, healthy community is deepened. We learn and grow and mature together. We will grow in intimacy with Jesus by passionately worshipping Him and spending time with Him together and on our own. We will be transformed by spending time in the fire of God, we will be sharpened and grow in our boldness operating in all of the gifts that Holy Spirit gave to us to live like Jesus did in our everyday lives. In addition to attending class, students complete monthly book reports, and weekly reflection questions.


Our second year program is a place where students will continue to grow and expand on the identity, skills and core values that were set in place during first year. The purpose of second year is to further develop, strengthen, and empower mature men and women who will lead with confidence, humility and power as they release the kingdom of God anywhere they go. Second year focuses more on leadership development; presenting students with opportunities to organize and participate in community outreach, serve and minister to the local church, grow in healthy confrontation and feedback techniques, as well as opportunities to grow in preparation and delivery of a sermon. Second year will greatly equip and prepare students, providing them with an abundance of tools and opportunities to lead, prophesy, preach the gospel, heal the sick, and cast out demons through power and love of the Holy Spirit.  Second year students also complete monthly book reports, and weekly reflection questions.


Our third year students serve as interns for ESSM and The Pathway Church. Our mission for third year is to equip revivalists to grow as mothers and father and discover and pursue their God-given calling(s).  Through intentional discipleship and leadership opportunities, third years will step up to lead, help pastor, and serve our ESSM revivalists and Revival Group Pastors, while being equipped to bring leadership and revival to the unique places and assignments God has called them into.

In addition to Monday nights, third year students will gather the first Tuesday evening of each month from 6:30-8:30pm for equipping and connection. 


The teaching and experiential content of first and second year is deep and rich. You are offered a feast and it can take time to digest. Many students have chosen to repeat a year and dive deeper into the material and into the journey. Though the content is similar from year to year, the journey with God is always a new adventure. 


The Pathway Church
20802 Rhodes Road
Spring, TX 77388


(281) 727-0057

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